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We're a Passionate About Building Products

Zartek is a leading software development company based in Qatar and India. We have a team of 20+ developers experienced in product development. Focusing on mobility and new technologies, Zartek helps individuals and organisations to create their dream product. Our team consists with UI/UX designers, Product Managers, Social Media Marketing Executives who can guide you right from wireframing an idea to scaling the product.

Prior to the App Store, the chances of that happening, of somebody really young forming a company and in a period of no time really becoming a global provider of a game or something else, it really didn't happen. Now there are these success stories popping up everywhere - Tim Cook, Apple CEO



Premium Space

We are located in Westbay, one of the most premium space in Doha


We have offices in Qatar and India, bringing the best of talent together

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World Class Developers

We have a team of world class developers working in latest technology


Our employees get trained in latest tech, get work and health benefits

Learning Ecosystem

Employees get to learn from other companies and startups who work with us